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More than a service; the start of a beautiful relationship.


Wedding and engagement rings should be just as unique as the love stories they represent. From estate diamonds and decadent gems to custom-designed pieces, Robin guides couples through the selection process and helps them find the perfect match.


Let the heirloom live on. Robin breathes new life into remarkable pieces that have lost their functionality and usability. By transforming rings and bracelets into necklaces and earrings, and by harvesting exquisite antique gemstones to be re-imagined as fresh new pieces, Robin creates a future for jewelry that might otherwise be consigned to history. 


Guided by a deep appreciation of art and history, proprietress and gemologist Robin Hancock has built a global network of suppliers and designers, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to finding the perfect piece for her clients.


Robin gets to know her clients' unique personal style and finds one-of-a-kind pieces perfectly suited to their individual taste. Robin is expert at discovering quality jewelry that can’t be found elsewhere.Her selections come with storied backgrounds that are as special as the women they adorn.

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