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Our engagement selection is suited for the bride who wishes to find a balance of uniqueness and uniformity; something that stands out significantly to stray from the typical designs and arrangements — but not so much that it gaudily oversteps boundaries of class and taste. In a word: Bespoke.


Depart from large retailers and predictable designs. Find, or create, a ring that stands out from the rest. We can transform heirloom diamonds into modern, wearable pieces that can be passed down for years to come. Or, let your imagination run free with a completely custom design. Compliment your engagement ring with an accompanying band for both bride and groom. 



To inquire for further details regarding any item on this page, including pricing, questions about stones, craftsmanship and historical information, or to make a purchase, please contact Robin Hancock. We're always happy to answer questions and divulge on our jewels. 

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