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With an expert eye for detail and craftsmanship, Robin Hancock selects each piece for extraordinary beauty, quality, and design. The collection of antique, estate, vintage and exclusive designer jewelry is curated with a discerning eye for unique style, fine art aesthetics, and ultimate wearability — something you won't find anywhere else in Austin.


But we believe jewelry is more than just a beautiful adornment— it's meant to be felt and experienced. Our jewelry requires a conversation between the piece and the wearer. The piece meant for you will feel right; just right. You'll find a taste of our selection here, but we encourage you to book an appointment to experience the extensive selection in-store. 



To inquire for further details regarding any item on this page, including pricing, questions about stones, craftsmanship and historical information, or to make a purchase, please contact Robin Hancock. We're always happy to answer questions and divulge on our jewels. 

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