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Jewelry that makes you feel like your truest self

The Robin Hancock experience is truly unique. Robin brings human intuition, a gift for jewelry match-making and a relentless drive to discover the perfect piece to every client she serves. Robin’s eye for quality, dedication and personal touch are without rival in the fine jewelry business.

A peek inside the shop

At home. That's how clients feel when they step inside. Robin's kindness and welcoming spirit make people feel immediately at ease. Stay a while and you'll meet long-time clients and friends who pop in from near and far. Some arrive in search of advice or to see Robin’s latest discoveries. Others come just to say hello.

Happy Clients

Savannah F.

Whether I'm looking for an everyday piece or something special for an event — Robin knows just what I need.

Ellen B.

Robin helped me turn the beautiful ruby brooch my grandmother always wore to church on Sunday into an exquisite ring I could wear everyday.

Traci M.

When my fiancé proposed I was so happy with how perfectly "me" the ring was. Thank you Robin for helping to make my proposal so special and guiding him toward a ring I adore. 

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