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Have Jewelry, Will Travel: A Weekend Getaway to New Orleans

Rich in history, dripping in story and charm, New Orleans is all heart and soul. It’s proximity to Austin, Texas makes it a short one-hour plane ride away. It’s the perfect weekend getaway for those looking for culinary divinity, European antiques, and a raucous good time balanced by old-school Southern refinement. Upon arrival, New Orleans bears an unmistakable air of the good times that lie ahead of you and a decidedly Old-World, European influence.

We have the jewelry and we’re ready to travel. In a city so full of antique stores, restaurants and well-crafted libations, where do you begin? We’ve curated a selection of bespoke and unique destinations for sipping cocktails, eating well, shopping antiques and staying in style in The Big Easy — with the jewelry inspiration to match. Laissez le bon temps rouler!

Where to Stay